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Do you know people who advertise online? Do they want to protect themselves against Click Fraud? Of course they do. There are hundreds of thousands of people that engage in SEM advertising, and for some of them, click fraud is accounting for 50% or more of their expenditures.

You can help them, and yourself, by joining the ClickProtector Affiliate Program.

Our terms are simple, clear, and ultimately, can be extremely lucrative for you, our valued sales affiliate: You will get paid 10% of what the customers you refer to us are charged for A FULL YEAR after they join. Thus, if you refer 10 people who are charged $79.95 a month (view our rates), you will receive $79.95 in commission for that month. If they stay with ClickProtector for a year (for purposes of example, assume they stay at the same level of service) you will make 12 x $79.95 = $959.40 - all from only 10 referrals!

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